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Who are we? Calvary Chapel Vienna is a free evangelical church based solely on the Bible. We are affiliated with Calvary Chapel and are a member of the Elaia ECG, which is part of the FKÖ (Free Churches of Austria).

What do we do? We are a group of Christians who fellowship together to worship God and to study the Bible, as the first Christians did in the book of Acts (Acts 2:42).

Everyone is welcome to comeon Sundays and to the Bible studies and home groups to fill up on fellowship, prayer & God’s Word. Our main service is Sunday at 10:30 with worship and Bible study as well as a children’s service. For more information, please get in touch through our ‘Contact’ page.

Recent Sermons

Walking in Jesus Power
Scripture: Mark 9:14-29
By Shay Swanson

Part of the Series Gospel of Mark

Returning To Our First Love
Scripture: Revelations 2:1-9
By Brian Harrington

Part of the Series Biblical Prophecy